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Cash Management User Guide

Learn the essentials of bank reconciliations, wire transfers, positive pay export, credit card reconciliation, direct checks, and inquiries and reports. 

Document Summary

Looking to get the most out of Spectrum Cash Management? This new how-to guide explains the must-know steps for bank reconciliations and adjustments, wire transfers, direct checks, positive pay export, credit card reconciliation and inquiries and reports 

What You’ll Learn in This Procedure Guide

This how-to guide will show you the typical process for Cash Management tasks, giving you the most current steps to complete tasks, such as bank reconciliation, reconciliation adjustments,credit card reconciliations, wire transfers, positive pay export and printing reports and inquiries.

Once you have completed this how-to guide, you will feel comfortable completing any of the essential Cash Management tasks in Spectrum Cash Management. 

By completing this Procedure Guide, you will:

  • Learn the typical process for bank reconciliation and reconciliation adjustments
  • Learn the typical process for credit card reconciliation
  • Learn the process for positive pay file export.
  • Learn the typical process for wire transfer and void.
  • Learn the popular Cash Management inquiries and reports. 

If you have any questions while reviewing this documentation, we encourage you to contact us at (877) 213-3860. We are always here to help!

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